How to Dominate the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

Stephanie Elle
3 min readFeb 2, 2022


It seems like Meta has nothing better to do than change the algorithm and mess it up for the people that like to scroll in chronological order.

Instagram used to be the main social media platform for the below 20 crowd. It was the only alternative for users looking to escape their parents on Facebook.

TikTok changed all that.

Funny, quick trends on TikTok grabbed that audience by storm. Instagram had to adapt quickly to get that audience back. That’s how we got Instagram Reels.

Reels were created as an answer to TikTok and they have changed the Instagram experience. Reels dominate the algorithm and have priority in the news feed. They dampen every other content on Instagram, even IG stories and IGTV. It’s no secret: if you’re not doing Reels, Instagram is crushing your reach. If you are cross posting your TikToks as Reels, Instagram is crushing your reach.

Whether IG has rebounded with their teen audience, we don’t know. But there’s been a lot of bad press about Instagram’s negative influence on teens. That led to Instagram making changes centered around the safety, mental health, and privacy of that age group. We’ve already seen this with Instagram changing the way they recommend content to teenagers. They also introduced the “Take a Break” feature which reminds people to get off the app if they’ve been scrolling for a while.

More Options for Creators

Instagram is finally throwing their creators a bone. The new updates will make earning a full-time income possible by being an influencer. This is something that we’ve already seen Meta offer on Facebook. On Facebook, pages have support features where you give your favorite content creators stars. This model is now coming to Instagram. This is going to level the playing field for smaller influencers who can’t monetize their audiences the way a lot of the bigger names do.

Currently big-time influencers are being paid to post sponsored content by large corporations. Think Kim Kardashian posting about diet shakes. With this new subscription tier smaller influencers are able to monetize their audience directly. Their audience will pay a small fee to get exclusive content made just for them. This is going to change how influencers interact with their audiences. This will also be a good gauge of how invested that audience is in their influencer.

If you are looking to use this feature for yourself, jump in. Just make sure to do it soon. Right now, Meta let’s influencers use these features for free. But there’s a chance Zuckerberg will start taking his share off the top in 2023. No one knows how much they’re going to take but Zuckerberg promises it won’t be more than 30%.

There’s more to this change than what I wrote here. If you want to know how you can use these features to your advantage, read the full post on my blog.

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