Entrepreneurs always ask if there are landing pages in flodesk. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want to sell a product, then no. But if you want to collect emaill addresses then building a landing page with flodesk is the way you want to go.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your site that encourages the reader to perform one task. That task can be to buy something or to sign up for your email list. In this case, you’re probably wanting them to get on your email list (this is a post about…

Business is about making money. You can’t be successful if no one knows who you are.

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Congratulations on seeing growth in your business. Now that you’re past the starting phase you have the time to invest in resources that can nurture more growth. You ask a few friends, poke around on Facebook and come to the conclusion that it might be time to start a blog. But what’s the point? What can a blog do for you? Why should you invest all the time and effort in to writing a blog when you have an actual business to run?

You’re asking all the right questions. Starting a blog shouldn’t be done on a whim or because…

Having a emergency fund could be what saves you from the downward cycle of debt

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Emergency Fund: Definition

According to Investopedia, your emergency fund is money set aside for covering unexpected expenses. You use the fund to create a financial safety net so that you don’t get into debt due to a financial emergency. Having a fully funded but not too accessible emergency fund is important for your financial future. It could be your key to not falling into the next 5 years of always being behind the debt ball.

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Everyone runs into problems. It could be a sudden car repair that happens when you need to get to work. Or a tooth that the dentist needs to…

Time to wrap up college life and start adulting. Your first task? Find a place to live.

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The moment you’ve been preparing for is finally here: graduation. From this point on you’ll be forging your own path. Making your own mistakes and learning real-life lessons. You’re making a ton of decisions right now. Each one is important but none as much as deciding where to live. Where you decide to live has a daily impact on your life; from which night clubs you party at to the length of your daily commute. You should try to make this decision knowing as much as you can. But what should you be looking for?

For a lot of college…

You just landed a good job. What do you do now?

You’re the first in your family to get a good education. That good education got you a job that’s not back-breaking labor. Not to disrespect people with hard jobs. Your parents put in hours of labor work to get you through school- so you wouldn’t have to. You feel the weight of everyone’s hopes for you on your shoulders like a ton of bricks but you can handle it.

You get your first paycheck and it feels like your first refund check from college. You think about blowing it on the latest game system just like you did back then…

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Squarespace Designer. Digital Marketing Strategist. Personal Finance Copywriter. http://www.coinandcopy.com

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